Show my name some respect – Tic Tac tells Shatta Wale


92226891Tic Tac has cautioned Shatta Wale not to drag his name into the gutters by telling him to respect his brand.

This comes after Shatta Wale during an interview with Delay listed a host of veteran acts he thinks were not smart with their career.

Reacting to the comment Tic Tac stated, ‘’For me, I have nothing against him so he shouldn’t just go on TV and use my name as he sees fit and try to rub things over my name. All I want to tell him is, he should respect my name.’’

Sharing his opinion about the whole ‘not being smart’ statement by Shatta Wale; Tic Tac queried, ‘What has Shatta Wale got?’ according to him, Shatta is just running his mouth for publicity sake.

Referencing to his earlier open statement about the whole incident, Tic Tac stated Shatta wasn’t even smart by answering such a question if he had nothing meaningful to say.

“Like I said earlier if he had nothing better to say in regards to a particular question during an interview, he might as well just shut up because at the end of the day it might cause him trouble.’’

Tic Tac further quizzed Shatta Wale’s stance as someone championing a peace campaign: “who even made him an ambassador for peace; he goes around preaching peace and picks on others, is that what his peace stands for?’’

He also advised the dancehall artiste to stay in his lane and give respect to the hustle of people who have paved the way for him.


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